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We take our certifications seriously

The pet cosmetic products nastie little secret
When choosing a pet product, it's imperative to be critical of the ingredients list. The pet industry is unfortunately filled with chemicals and, sometimes, these "nastie" ingredients are not even listed on products. 

Moreover, many consumers are lead to wrongly assume that the "natural" or "organic" products they bought only contain ingredients that are natural and minimally processed. Unfortunately, due to a lack of regulation within the beauty industry, manufacturers can misleadingly label their products as 'organic' or 'natural' even though they contain processed, toxic, and chemically enhanced ingredients. 

"We think this is very wrong and that dog-groomers and animals-lovers out there deserve better: they deserve honesty and transparency in the form of a indepent, third-party verified certification they can really trust."


Doglyness is different, Doglyness is certified
We have put in the work and have obtained official certifications from an independent body for our products and are committed to maintaining full accountability and transparency of all ingredients used in our cosmetic formulations. 

 We're ECOGEA certified and proud to show it

Doglyness products are certified organic and vegan under ECOGEA, an independent certification body made of experts from the industry and academia that follows strict organic guidelines and regulations around ingredients and the manufacturing process. What you put on your dog's skin soaks directly into his bloodstream - so why wouldn't you choose to use organic?

The sustainable choice option is to choose Doglyness all-natural products for ultimate pet safety. Doglyness organic products are toxin-free, cruelty-free, and formulated with highly-active, certified organic ingredients that deliver potent results, leaving your dog's hair and skin healthy, glowing, and radiant.

Be preventative with your pet's health to avoid expensive vet bills and ensure a higher quality of life for your four-legged friend.

ECOGEA is the institute for the quality and innovation of natural and organic products, an independent certification body made of experts from the industry and academia. As such, it sets a high standard when it comes to defining what "natural" and "organic" mean. The ECOGEA standard is a complete collection of strict rules for the certification of natural and organic cosmetics, cleansing products, and fragrances. Only the products that comply with all of the standard's criteria can be awarded the ECOGEA logo. This is why consumers can be assured that products with the ECOGEA logo are higher quality products, verified in detail by a third-party.

To pass the ECOGEA certification, a product's ingredients must:

  • Be of proven natural origin. Specifically, the physical and chemical processes must be environmentally friendly. The product must focus on reducing environmental impacts with the use of biodegradable and low ecotoxicity packaging. All while contributing to sustainability standards.
  • Meet the composition rule summary: a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients is required. Minimum 10% – 100% of processed natural ingredients from organic agricultural source (physically and/or chemically), depending on a product category is required. Very strict limitation regarding synthetic additives with no natural alternatives.



The Doglyness way

We do things "The Doglyness way"

Certified Organic & Vegan is only one of the key aspects that define our unique way of doing things: read on about our NO Nasties pledge, Cruelty-free promise, Plastic-free commitment and Made in the EU guarantee